Your Jet Ski®, One System, Four Flying Devices

There is more than one way to fly and with Zapata’s range of hydroflyers, you can take to the sky in a variety of ways. You can shoot into the sky like a superhero, carve through the air like a flying surfer, or pilot a jetpack like a sci-fi action hero. We have all your flying dreams covered and once you install a PWC Connection Kit to your Jet Ski®, it will quick connect to any of Zapata’s hydroflyers.


Set to be released later this year, FlyRide® is the latest invention from legendary innovator, Franky Zapata.


Zapata’s original hydroflyer and flagship product that took the world by storm and water sports to new heights.

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Hoverboard by ZR®

The Hoverboard combines the adrenaline rush of surfing and snowboarding with the excitement of being airborne.

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Jetpack by ZR®

The seated position is less demanding for riders. The controls and futuristic design make you feel like a pilot.

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