Welcome to Flyboard®, the extraordinary hydroflight device created by famous French inventor Franky Zapata.

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Sky as a new starting point

Flyboard® : Origins

Flyboard®’s adventure originates from Franky Zapata’s boundless imagination. Dedicated to pushing back the frontiers of aquatic mobility, he created a machine that combines cutting-edge technology and thrills. To find out more about his other innovations, explore the official Zapata website.

Flyboard®, powered by the turbine of a JetSki, propels users above the water, allowing them to move several meters. This unique experience combines power, freedom and adrenalin, offering an adventure unmatched in the world of water sports.

When you choose this hydroflight device, you’re embarking on an adventure where the sensation of flight becomes reality, where the waters become your playground. Flyboard®, powered by the visionary spirit of the French inventor, opens the door to unique and unforgettable experiences.

Explore the unknown, embrace the power of water, and discover the ultimate fusion of technology and sensation, a perfect symphony between sky and sea.

Flyboard® Europe: Our Official Flyboard® Distributor

Zapata has handed over the distribution of its hydroflight devices to Flyboard® Europe, our official distributor. Their commitment to excellence makes this machine accessible to all those who aspire to push back the frontiers of water flight. Whether you’re an individual looking for a thrilling experience, or a company interested in acquiring a hydroflight device, Flyboard® Europe is your gateway to this extraordinary innovation.

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Flyboard® Show: The Official International Flyboard® Show Team

Explore the fascinating world of this hydroflight device with the Flyboard Show team, the official international team for breathtaking performances. Their expertise and creativity dazzle spectators from all over the world, making Flyboard® more than just a machine, but a true work of art in the sky and over the waves.

Discover permanent shows at various theme parks in Europe and Asia.

Everything about Franky Zapata

Discover the story of the visionary inventor behind Flyboard®, from his inspiring career to his many achievements in redefining the possibilities of aquatic and aerial mobility.

Since the beginning of its entrepreneurial adventure, ZAPATA® has always linked its technical innovations to a broader vision. Initially sport-driven, the company’s ambition shifted towards new possibilities in air mobility with the creation of AirScooter. This led international investors such as Team Global and TVS Motor to partner with ZAPATA®, with the goal of inventing the air mobility of tomorrow.

Today, Zapata’s roadmap is focused on designing aircrafts which are easy and safe to fly, with features and performance suited to air mobility. The dream and vision are nothing less than airborne mass individual transport – clean, safe, pleasant, and affordable.