Your Jet Ski®, One System, Four Flying Devices

Unlock the power to fly! Initial installation takes 1-1.5 hours and then you can use your personal water craft as a hydroflight power house. The mechanics are simple and once you have an adaptor kit and hose you can connect to any one of Zapata’s hydroflyers in seconds.

Your PWC

Nearly all models of PWC are compatible with our HydroFlyers. Install and get flying.

Adapter Kit & Hose

Water expelled from the PWC is harnessed and channelled to the hydroflyer.


The hydroflyer directs the flow to give lift. The adaptor kit and hose connects with all of Zapata’s hydroflyers.

Ready to Fly

You’re all connected. Now you can fly!

Made for Everyone

From teens to adults, the Flyboard Pro is the next generation of personal watersports equipment made to be enjoyed by everyone. Whether mastering a new skill or having fun with the family, the Flyboard® will have you flying in no time! Check out young Austin (age 9) practicing his skills. His dad, Jason, tells us:

There's nothing quite like the bonding experience of Flyboarding. The confidence and self esteem it gave both of my children at young ages has been remarkable. If you can conquer independent human flight, you can conquer anything.

Jason (aka Flyboard Dad)

The Zapata Collection

There is more than one way to fly and with Zapata's range of hydroflyers you can take to the sky in a variety of ways. You can shoot up into the sky like a superhero, carve through the air like a flying surfer, or pilot a jetpack like a sci-fi action hero. We have all your flying dreams covered and once you install a PWC Connection Kit to your Jet Ski®, it will quick connect to any of Zapata's hydroflyers.


Set to be released later this year, FlyRide® is the latest invention from legendary innovator, Franky Zapata.


Zapata’s original hydroflyer and flagship product that took the world by storm and water sports to new heights.

Hoverboard by ZR®

The Hoverboard combines the adrenaline rush of surfing and snowboarding with the excitement of being airborne.

Jetpack by ZR®

The seated position is less demanding for riders. The controls and futuristic design make you feel like a pilot.

Will it work with my Jet Ski®?

Zapata hydroflight systems work with all major brands of PWCs.

We have an adapter kit for you!

Swaps in Seconds

Initial installation takes 1-1.5 hours. With the addition of the Zapata Quick Nozzle (sold separately), swapping between flying and riding takes seconds.

Latest News

How To Go Flyboarding

How To Go Flyboarding

cntraveller - Who doesn’t want to fly, right? Humans have been pursuing flight probably ever since they laid their eyes on birds. And while we can now get on an aircraft and fly almost anywhere in the world, there is a more exciting way to get airborne, if only for a while. Flyboarding, the new action sport sensation, is taking over the world—BASE jumpers, we’ll leave you out of this—and here’s what you need to know before you rip through the water and air.

Why Jetski When You Can Flyboard In Goa?

Why Jetski When You Can Flyboard In Goa?

cntraveller - Pack your wetsuit; we’re going to the bar. Now bobbing on the waters of the Morjim-Chapora river is Watermark, a “luxury sea lounge”, which wants you to eat, drink, dance and flyboard (though not in that order, ideally). Watermark says it will bring some of Goa’s best live bands, international DJs and artists to spin numbers through the day and night. Looking for sundowner parties, or a private dinner for two under the stars? Say the word and it will be done.

T-Rex On A Jet-Powered Flyboard

T-Rex On A Jet-Powered Flyboard

Daily Mail - Team of jet skiers decided to stage the stunt on a lake in Ontario, Canada. They wanted to see if it was still possible to flyboard dressed as a dinosaur. Team connected the board to a 300-hp seadoo, which worked for 10 seconds

Flyboarding Sport Slowly Gaining Popularity Among Thrill-seekers

Flyboarding Sport Slowly Gaining Popularity Among Thrill-seekers - The water sport was showcased at the Habba as three stuntmen from Flyboard Nation performed various stunts like dolphin dives and flips. Among the various showcases in “NammaBengalurHabba”, one event seemed to be getting the maximum clicks and selfies. Sankey Lake, accustomed to slow paddle boat rides, for a change had something fast and exciting to offer to the Habba crowd - flyboarding.

Flyboarding taking off on Alabama's lakes

Flyboarding taking off on Alabama's lakes - The water sport, which has several operators on the Gulf Coast, has made its way inland as companies are beginning to sprout up, bringing the looping, diving fun further inland.