The history of Zapata Racing® began in 1998. Originally Zapata Racing® was a high-level VNM competition team led by Franky Zapata.

Quickly noticed by the major brands of the VNM, Zapata Racing® in 1999 became the factory team for BRP, representing the brand's reputation in the world.

With 6 European titles and 2 trophies as world champion, with its experience in the VNM universe and expert in hydro-propulsion, Team Zapata Racing® became the official brand of PWC Product in 2008.

From design to production and development, Zapata Racing® becomes, as of its launch, leader of VNM with arms "Made in France". By winning most of the world's biggest titles, the company continues to grow by offering new models of arm and saddle VNM, both for competition and leisure.

Guided by passion and success, Franky Zapata turns to the challenge of innovation and differentiation for the future of his company. After numerous tests of hydro-propelled machines in 2011 and in the face of public enthusiasm, the production and worldwide marketing of Flyboard® will be limited only by its quantity produced.

As soon as it is released, Flyboard® is a true sport in its own right, with the consequence of the organization of the first Flyboard® World Cup in Qatar in 2012.

In 2014, Zapata Racing® entered a new dimension with the release of Hoverboard by ZR®. Driven by such dynamism, a federation was created bringing together riders and enthusiasts from all over the world.

In addition, Flyboard® World Cup, which makes its debut in Dubai in 2014, places Flyboard® and Hoverboard by ZR® in the top of the world sports.

Now and for years to come, Zapata Racing® is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of hydro-propelled vehicles such as Flyboard® and Hoverboard by ZR® to satisfy athletes of all disciplines in search of new sensations .

With more than 40 million views on the web and appearing in the most prestigious commercials in the world, such as the Super Bowl in the United States, the reputation of Zapata Racing® is well established.

Zapata Racing®, with its distribution and rental network on all 5 continents, has not ceased to fulfill your wildest dreams, by creating new and innovative machines that come straight from comic books!